Monday, 31 March 2014

Postgrad- I can do it!

It's been nearly a month now I guess. Honestly, it is not as easy as I thought is would be. You know, when I got my class schedule (only Friday and Saturday), i said to myself, 

''s easy. I'm gonna be fine' 

But mind you I totally forgot about assignments and all the readings that need to be done. The best part is, I have to cramp all these in between my working hours and other stuffs such as tuition and my role as a warden. Ha! Take that!

Nevertheless, I don't think it's a challenge that I cannot handle. I mean everything that is given to us is surely something that is not out of our capabilities - that's Allah's promise. The main problem, I think, is time management.

Well I guess I need to start being strict to myself like I did when I was doing my degree. Trust me, you wouldn't want to imagine how 'skema' I am (LOL). However, I am glad I was like that because that has brought me to where I am today and the things that I have achieved. I think it's true as they say; when you do something, do it with your heart! Fighting!

One more thing! I have less worries now because whenever I feel tired or less energetic, i can always freshen up with Mineral Coffee!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

From a kid's perspective

Having a degree in TESL specialising in secondary school education, I never thought that I would be teaching primary school kid. I have had the experience before, but none upon graduating. When offered the opportunity as an english tutor for a child, I felt excited yet worried. 

However, I said to myself that this kind of opportunity does not come always and it's good to challenge myself once in awhile. I believe that I will not waste anything; in fact I will gain a lot from this experience. 

So this home-tuition session started last year during the year-end school break. It was a bit awkward at the beginning, but once the ice is broken, I had so much fun. He is bright and full of imagination (I believe all kids have wild imagination), which is something I have lost as I enter the phase of adulthood. Well, he taught me to have imaginations and it actually makes my life more interesting!

In terms of teaching, I came to realise that teaching is not merely about the amount of input you give and received by a student. It is more than that; it is about how meaningful the inputs are and how you are able to make every session worthwhile and relevant - something that I often forget. 

The story that he created using the words learned

Captain America and Iron Man

Utilizing the resources to make learning fun!

In the aspect of self, I learn a lot. We all know how honest kids could be. It's fun to hear their opinion and see things from their perspectives. From the conversations, I realised my own potential, I learn to reflect more from the feedback that he gave me , which in turn taught me about life itself. One of them is, life is short so don't be too serious!  

In all, I am grateful for this opportunity! May you grow up beautifully with lots of love and joy. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The 16th of March marked yet another important and memorable event for Hai-O entrepreneurs. About thousands of them from the whole of Malaysia were recognised for their achievements for making it to the Sales Manager (SM) and Senior Sales Manager (SSM) level.

Alhamdulillah, from my team, three of them have progressed to this level. Unfortunately, only one could make it to the event. Nevertheless, I am really happy for being able to guide and help them make it in this business and I am grateful for having such dedicated business partners.

Congratulations SSM Sofia

The Galaxy Team with CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain

In all, nothing is impossible. It's a matter of attitude. Wanting something is easy, but not many can really go the extra mile to achieve what they wished for. 

With a strong and stable company like Hai-O, chasing the dream seems less difficult. The platform and the basis for business have been provided; we just need to execute them consistently and professionally. 

With the guidance from supportive and visionary mentors in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, it becomes even easier. That's why choosing the right company and the right group is extremely crucial. 

Yes, we could all be next!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Masterchef challenge

The last time I really cook was like one or two years ago. I did not know what made me decide, but when my school organized a cooking competition among teachers I straight away gave my name to participate.

The best part was, the theme was western cuisine, something that I've never done before. I remembered cooking masak lemak cili padi and sambal ayam but not steak or chicken chop!

Nevertheless, this made it more intriguing and exciting. After much thinking, I decided to use salmon as the main ingredient (something that I have never used in my cooking before) and with the help of my sister, Farah, who is a big fan of Asia Food Channel, I decided to make:

Pan-grilled salmon with sauted asparagus, mashed potato and creamy sauce.

Sounds good right? Well, I think it turned out good too! Just like I wanted it! Hope I'll get a place when they announce the result when the school reopens!

Grocery shopping! Mind you, it was last minute shopping because I forgot the date of the competition

Among the contestants

Voila! My masterpiece! Could not believe that I did it. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Not a problem!

Doing something that we have never done before is scary. It could be nerve wrecking, mainly because we don't know what to expect. Can we really do it? Will I make it to the end? You know..these kinds of doubts.

The same goes with me when I started this business. I doubted my ability and my dreams. It's not easy; trust me! But then again, I said to myself: 'if I keep on doubting and being afraid, will I ever improve?'

So I made the decision and I have no regrets. Don't know anything about business? Not a problem! Not used to blog? Not a problem! Shy and timid when speaking? Not a problem! Because with GLAM, every step is guided and we will gain a lot of knowledge and skills along the way. 

The weekly classes are very helpful. That's why I do not mind coming almost every weekend from JB because there's nothing to lose. In fact, more to gain. It's just a matter of whether we want it or not. 

The speakers are all trained and experienced!
We will be given info on products as well as how to go about doing this business

Other than that, the mentors and leaders in GLAM are trained to walk the walk and talk the talk. So be rest assured: we will not be left alone cruising by ourselves with uncertainty. We will be trained by them.

CDM Hanis Haizi: the founder of GLAM, a great mentor to all of us. The most left is my direct leader DDM Ajue Rashid: equally committed and supportive!

That is why when starting a business, especially a network marketing business, it is important to be selective. Be in the right group and your future in business will be bright. However, we need to remember that the main key to success is ourselves. So being in the right group is one thing; having the right attitude is equally crucial.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

GLAM Johor 2014

Last night, we had the second class for GLAM Johor for the year 2014. Alhamdulillah, it went very well and we are honoured to have the founders of GLAM, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain with us.

Chaired by soon-to-be DDM Syikin Salleh, three speakers spoke and presented different topics that are definitely very useful. The speakers are DDM Norain, CDM Hanis Haizi herself, and ME! My first time ever presenting in GLAM. 

Bakal DDM Syikin Salleh

Soon-to-be CDM Norain

It was really an honour and I'm truly humbled to be given the chance to speak, especially when the topic given to me was Premium Beautiful Corset. I mean as a guy, explaining about women's inner wear is something 'rare' particularly when your audience are 99% female!

However, it was a great experience. I manages to deliver my subject matter and it went very well. Thanks to my mentor DDM Ajue Rashid for her endless support and not forgetting CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain for their encouragement. 

Lesson learned: nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. What more, with GLAM, every step is guided; from knowledge on products to the skills of business presentation. So there's nothing to worry because we can all do it!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It could be the last time

Our country was awaken by the missing of the MH370 flight to Beijing. Up till today, everyone is still anxious and wondering what really happened. Many speculations have been made, including some conspiracy theories made by i-don't-know-who. Not forgetting those insensitive comments made by those whom I feel are irresponsible

I am writing this post not to comment further
because I am no expert in this kind of thing..I would just like to share my experience and feeling each time I board the plane to and fro Subang and Johor Bahru

Honestly, I always feel scared and worried. The common question that pops up in my mind would be:

"Will I make it to the next flight next week?"

Well, now that this incident with MH370 happened, I now understood why my mom is always worried and why there is this one look in her eyes every time I board the plane back to Johor; It's the love and the worries of a mother.. The uncertainty if there will be another time to meet..

I've never actually said this. But to be honest, each time feels like the last time. It's like I'll never know what's gonna happen. Everytime people say to me: 'What's so bad about working far away from family?' I just keep quiet because I believe no matter what I say people will never understand

I guess that's part of the challenge.. And I will brave through it. With regards to MH370, we should continue praying and hoping that we will find the answers soon.. Answers that could at least bring closure to families and friends.