Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Of Mesra Card and Putu Bambu

There are times in life bila kita rasa mcm kenapalah kena buat banyak bende ni? kenapalah kena pegi sana..kena pegi sini? All the non-stop questioning that most of the times buat kita rasa negative.. yelah sbb soalan-soalan tu sendiri dah negative. So the outcome pun negative..contohnya bila dah buat semua bende tu..kita rasa tension..satu hari tension..tertekan sangat. pernah tak rasa mcm ni? I'm sure semua pernah rasa. Sometimes, bila kita terlampau stress..small things that actually happen along the way that are actually good pun kita dah tak perasan. 

Like yesterday, I had to go to Kota Tinggi to selesaikan a few things. It's quite far from my place..lagi nak drive after school..dah penat2 tu.. but I had to sbb ada kerja. Mengeluh lah seketika.. was at noon and at that time kan antara waktu2 mengantuk. Tapi gigihkan jugak diri pergi.. because I know kalau tak pegi tak tau bila lagi nak pegi. So in a way, I started my journey with a negative vibe.. a bit stressed actually.

But bila dah sampai rumah..dah balik.. reflected on my day sekejap.. actually it was not that bad. penat mmg penat..but kerja dah settle. Then on the way back, masa nak isi minyak..there was a bit of a problem with the pump so I had to wait. masa tu dah mcm stressed balik..but then waktu menunggu tu sempat buat kad Mesra petronas yang dah lama nak buat tapi x buat-buat. So good thing!

Then nak keluar kota tinggi heading back to Bandar Penawar, lucky me, kedai jual putu bambu yang sgt sedap tu bukak and they still have the putu bambu! yeay!! dah lama I wanted to buy but haven't got the chance but yesterday, i finally got it! So another good thing! 

See?? Sometimes in the midst of our hectic lives and busy schedules that sometimes make us feel lifeless, there are good things. We just need to open our eyes and look for it. In fact, we have to create the happy moments so that every journey that we take will be a happy one. 

I know maybe some of us cakap 'alah..buat apalah nak share small things like this'..but I just feel I have to.. because it is meaningful to me and hopefully, those of you who read this will also start to look at life positively. After all, we determine our own happiness in life, so it is up to us. Lets be positive in everything that we do for InsyaAllah..we will be rewarded accordingly.

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