Wednesday, 21 November 2012

::Family Holiday::

Last week, we (me, my sisters, my brother in law and my nephew) went for a holiday to JB and Singapore. It was just awesome! Not just because of the many interesting places.. but most importantly it is because i got to go on a holiday with my loved ones. Alhamdulillah.. with the side income gained from my involvement in business with Hai-O Marketing and Green Leaders Group, I get to enjoy even more and support some of the expenses for the trip. For this entry..I'll let the photos do the narrating! Enjoy!

at the airport

after melawat bandar penawar and meredah hujan and sesat jalan.. amatlah wajar untuk makan..hehe
@singgah selalu JB

dah topup baru lah ada enough energy to shop! =P

2nd day: We're ready to rock Singapore!

Luqman: "Yeay! i'm here!"

at Universal Studio Singapore

Chicken Beryani at Zam Zam Restaurant

the murtabak is to die for!

@Arab Street

@Orchard Rd - menangis tgk tempat2 shopping yang best2..hahaha

tea heaven @TWG tea boutique. There's one in Pavilion!

inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel

the view from the Skypark of Marina Bay Sands.. 20 dollars per entry for adult

Ok! That's a wrap! =)

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