Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tea Tasting

This is basically a continuation of the post about me catching up with my friend after 8 months. So on the same day..apart from chit chatting and enjoying lunch..we went for tea tasting! It never occurred to me to do it..what more to actually enjoy it!

After lunch he brought me to a tea boutique (to call it a tea shop shop would be an understatement) called 'Hojo' at The Gardens Mall. I walked pass this shop so many times setiap kali nak pergi Robinsons but tak pernah tergerak pun nak masuk because I thought it's a shop that sells clay pots..

We were attended by a very nice lady..her name is Natalie. She introduced us to a couple of tea.. I was really curious to how the tea might taste because I minum pun the hijau yg biasa tu je.. Bila rasa tu..mmg tak tau how to describe. Sedap!! Tapi x tau nak ckp sedap mcm mana. I think org yang tak suka tea pun will love it. It tastes so natural and so light..not like the usual teh uncang tu. And the best part is..the flavour of the tea is natural. For example, there's this one oolong tea that has a peachy taste..igtkan ada tambah perasa..rupanya it's the natural flavour..

The best part of this experience is we were then attended by the owner of the shop himself, Mr Akira Hojo.. It was really an honour.. At first rasa mcm malu because yelah.. it's the man himself! Tapi he is such a nice and down-to-earth person.. We had a great conversation.. he told us about his passion for he went to the tea-processing area to have a look at the process.. and the most interesting part is his knowledge about the art of making tea.. I learned a lot of new things that day and I am utterly grateful for being given the opportunity.. Then, before we left, he made and served one of the most high-quality and expensice tea in the shop (I forgot its name) which could cost up to thousands of ringgit.. and let me tell sip is enough to leave you speechless! 

I would like to share this one thing that I learned from him that day.. he told us that to be able to enjoy tea..we have to start from the bottom..meaning that we need to start drinking tea from the lower quality..then move up slowly to drinking the finer ones for only then we can enjoy and appreciate each distinct taste. Applying this to our everyday everything that we do, success won't come easy.. It is very rare that we'll straight away achieve the ultimate success.. In fact, in order to achieve that, we need to start from the bottom..bit by bit..step by step..only then we can achieve our goals and enjoy the fruit of our harvest! Now I leave you with some snapshots taken at the tea boutique.. till then..adios!

with Natalie

Mr Akira Hojo who attended us personally

this is the place!

bought some tea for myself! =)

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