Sunday, 30 December 2012

Farouk and Fikri take Singapore!

Weekends are essential
It is the time of the week where you can wind down and rejuvenate..

So before 2012 ends..
before the school really starts..
before 2013 kicks off..
My friend, Fikri and I decided 'Hey, lets go to Singapore!
Despite the rain..we did it!
And we really enjoyed ourselves..

 We used the public transport for our trip to Singapore. First stop..JB Central. 
Took a bus to Woodlands for only RM1!

 From Kranji MRT Station, we headed off to Orchard Rd!

Paragon is just one of the many shopping malls there at Orchard Rd!!
We checked out Ambercrombie & Fitch.. It was a nice place..
A very different concept.. I was taken aback for awhile because I felt like I just stepped into a private party..hahaha.
Look at the stairs and the lighting.. =)

Next, we went to Arab Street because we were hungry. So we took the MRT to Bugis Junction and it only took about 5 minutes to walk to Arab Street.

Lega dapat makan..hahaha. Mutton and Chicken Beryani
and Beef Murtabak..

Masjid Sultan

Owh Kampung GLAM! =P

After we were's time to rock Marina Bay Sands!

The view at night is just beautiful!

In the shopping area of Marina Bay Sands..
Cool ey?

Coffee!!!!! chillin out at Cofee Bean Bistro..

We also went to the beautiful Louis Vuitton Boutique..
Cosy..a very friendly ambiance..
with a breathtaking scenery from its balcony =) was SO MUCH FUN!!!
We headed back to Johor at about 9.30 pm..
So happy that my saturday was filled with fun activities!


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