Saturday, 26 January 2013


Since it's already past midnight..
Friday is already a history..hehe

So Friday was so much fun!
In the morning, the school held the Maulidurrasul celebration..
We had a procession and also the competition for banners..
It was so colourful and it was so interesting the creative ideas of the students...

I was asked to head the selawat during the procession!
It was an ad-hoc thingy..
Had to catch my breath a few times.. Mengah berselawat sambil berjalan.. Hahaha

Later there was a talk at the hall..
While waiting for the guest speaker..
I was once again asked to head the selawat..and also give a short tazkirah..
Alhamdulillah..all went well..

Then, the PTA meeting was held..
Associated by Dato' Sri Dr Azalina Bt Dato' Osman Said..
Then there's food!!!
Gosh I totally forgot to snap photos of food..
But nevermind..
Anyways, the food was awesome!!

The kompang team..

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