Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First day at school~

Today is the first day of school for the year 2013..
After a long holiday..
This is's time to get back to work..

I believe it is common to worry..
To worry about what is going to happen
after one-and-a-half month not being at school... the beginning I do feel anxious..
I feel scared..I feel unconfident..
It's the same feeling that I felt whenever I'm about to deliver a speech in a public speaking competition..

But then, I said to myself..
'Hey, just relax and keep calm..'
I actually had to actually repeat this mantra a lot of times!!
I also talked to my friends..and they were generous enough to offer some advice..
Thank you so much.. =)

Don't get me wrong..
I'm not saying that I hate my job or that I hate teaching..
NO! That's not it..
My point is.. at times we just need to stop worrying..
Because the worries that we have often times hinder our true potential..
Too much worries will only confine us..
Making us do only little little stuffs that we think are safe..
Where in reality..we can actually do more for ourselves..and for others even..

All in turned out very well!
I really enjoyed my first day at school..
And I came to realize that I actually miss seeing my students' faces..
Hope that all will be well in the coming days.. weeks..months and the year around..

Lets just keep ourselves positive in everything that we do..
Just do our best
for when we do so..
we will achieve the best! =)

During assembly..

Yeay! new tables and chairs!
My class for 2013..

They just love to take photos..hahaha

English Language Society's first meeting

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