Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Take it easy and smile...

No days would ever be perfect..
Because we ourselves are not perfect..
BUT we can make sure that each day is filled with more joy than sorrows..
More smile than tears..
More improvement than stagnating..

I had a hectic day today..
And of course..
There were times when my patience was tested...
But I am now able to say to myself..
'Hey, just take it easy'
And it made me feel at ease..calm..and happy..
After all..we may plan our day.. But not all of our plans will work out..

So lets start tomorrow with the spirit to do the best that we can..
Lets take as many opportunities before they slip away..
When there are challenges.. 
Take it easy and regard it as a platform to learn and gain experience..
Remember..whatever we do..
just dont stop trying...go on...
and dont forget to smile and be happy!

Smile! =)

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