Saturday, 19 January 2013

The zapin experience

On Thursday, I went to Kulai with the zapin team to collect our zapin costume for Saturday's performance! Not just the kids..I was also very excited because we got the chance to jalan-jalan and on top of that, we got to practice our zapin at the zapin studio! yeay!

I never thought that I would be dancing again once I started working. Yelah..bila dah kerja di sekolah, we are the ones who will be helping and training students..because normally bukan cikgu-cikgu yang menari or menyanyi..hehe. However, when the opportunity came, I said to myself.. 'Just do it!' and trust me.. it felt so good to be doing it. This is actually one of the things that I learn in GLAM, that is we should not wait..because if we wait..opportunities will slip away. 

On Friday, we had a reherseal. It went well and the best part was we were served food! Yeay! Also, today was the performance day and Alhamdulillah..the dance turned out very good. We were just so happy because not only did we get to learn the traditional zapin movement..we also got to perform in front of HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah! It's definitely going to be the first memorable event of 2013 !

 off we go to Kulai!

 learning how to get the right posture

5-inch songkok..bukan high heels je yang ada 5 inch..haha

This is the type of zapin that we performed: Zapin Tenglu

Reherseal day! Good food!

The zapin team..

Officiated by Her Royal Highness..
We danced right in front of the stage..

The accessories for men's zapin attire..

Overall, it was all worth it and we really enjoyed ourselves. I especially, am really glad that I made the decision to join the performance. I guess it's true that you just need to do it! Don't wait or have doubts because these will only hinder you from living your dreams...

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