Monday, 25 February 2013

My awesome saturday!

It was a great weekend. The fact that I did not go back to selangor for the weekend was not an excuse not to enjoy it!

I spent the weekend at my friend's place shogi. Reached there on friday afternoon..late afternoon to be precise. So that night I had dinner with a few friends. It was so good to see them after a year!!! Everyone's been so busy and having the opportunity to meet up even for a short while is priceless!

Later on saturday..Shogi and I went to Aeon Tebrau to fix his laptop.. Then saja nak tgk movie apa yang ada.. it was a very ad-hoc decision.. terus beli tickets and masuk2 dah start..hahaha. we watched 'Lincoln'

Apparently Shogi had to rush back first for he had a I stayed..jalan-jalan.. Had coffee at Delifrance..and that was where I bumped into another friend..Adnin. It was such a pleasant surprise! The last time I met him was in march 2012.. We had a chat.. And then we decided 'let's go to JB tonight!' So we planned and Shogi was also excited!

So off we went to JB to check out what it's like at night. Seriously I never thought that it's gonna be fun. That day was the first time I went to the JB Bazar that people have been talking about. There were lots of kiosks selling various things. Also, there are some cool cafes..really chic and cosy..felt like in Bangsar!

First stop, Chaiwalla & Co. A coffee and tea kiosk. The kiosk is very unique and the coffee is just amazing! I tried vietnamese coffee and I fell in love with it! Then we went to Roost Cafe. I am just surprised to see the cafe...because it never crossed my mind that it would be there! Hahaha. The cafe is decorated with recycled materials and you'll be surprised to see chairs made of card boards! And you can actually sit on them! Cool right? If u happen to stop by, do try the yogurt and the tea and the coffee!!!

We had dinner at Singgah Selalu. It is open 24 hourse and you can get a variety of food here including Yaman Cuisine

Taking a walk at Little India..

Saw this cute little shop..who would've thought! =)

Chinatown..beautiful architecture!

Shogi..hoping for a miracle to happen..

with Adnin..

JB Bazaar or formely known as Pasar Karat

Chaiwalla & Co. Did you notice what the kiosk is made of? 
Cool ay? 

Vietnamese Coffee..You have to wait till it stops dripping to drink it.. 

Tadaa!! The aroma is simply refreshing and the taste is glass is not enough for me..hahaha

Then we went to Roost Coffee to enjoy some yogurt..

The counter is your order and they will send it to you upstairs.. 

the stairways...

cosy right? there are also book shelves with magazines and novels for your reading.. 

Yogurt with fruits and raspberry tea..

Overall, it was a fun saturday. I really really enjoyed myself in the company of my friends. If you plan to spend the weekend in JB, do visit these places!

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