Thursday, 28 February 2013

Of meetings...

Since tuesday up till today..I have been attending meetings for three days in a row. So my working hours is more than 8 hours! Hahaha. Though hectic and exhausting..I don't really feel stressed out because I actually get the chance to go to places! This is actually the opportunity to go to other schools and meet new people. In fact this is also the opportunity to visit shopping complexes!

On tuesday, after the meeting, I went straight to Aeon Tebrau! The venue of the meeting is already 1/4 of the journey there so why not?! It felt so good apatah lagi I met my friend there and we had dinner together. A good way to chill and to end my day!

And today..i went there again! This time the meeting was held at kota tinggi which is about 20 mins away from aeon tebrau. So I met my friend again and we had coffee..had a chat.. It was so relaxing and it made my day (after a looong meeting..) Cant wait to achieve time and financial freedom. I have taken a step by joining Green Leaders Group and I am happy that I made the decision to do so.


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