Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A friday in Kluang

Weekends!! My favourite part of the week! Weekends should not be spent alone. It should be the time to wind down and rejuvinate! So on friday, off i went to Fikri's place in Kluang! Bila dah pergi Kluang..tak lengkap kalau tak pergi Kluang Rail Coffee! My favourite place to enjoy toasts and Cham!

For dinner, we had Nasi Lemak and sambal sotong petai cooked by Fikri! Balik2 kerja dia terus masak dgn gigihnya.. Thanks mate! Mmg sedaaap! After dinner..we decided to watch a movie.. It's been awhile since we went out for a movie. We watched Jack the Giant Slayer. It was really fun! The movie is a must-watch!

What did we do on Saturday? Coming up next!

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