Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Monday blues? Not anymore!

Who says you can't have fun on monday?! If you choose to have fun and be happy.. So you'll be. And that's what I did! Bye bye monday blues and hello monday weehuuu! Hahaha.

My friend, asyraf, had a day off on monday so we quickly planned an outing. After all it's kinda hard to hang out on any other days because our work schedule is different. First stop..lunch! Where at? Senai International Airport! We didn't plan this actually. We were on our way to JPO but there's nothing there that suits our appetite. Since the airport is on the same route to JPO, we stopped by for a quick lunch!

enjoying his drink!

Then, off we went to JPO! Yeay! Went into most of the boutiques..feasting our eyes on the branded stuffs there and trying our best not to buy anything..hahaha. It was fun..really.. Window shopping is indeed a good therapy..

As there was no one else, we had no choice but to snap our own picture..hehe =P

After JPO, we went to JB town. I found out that Chaiwalla & Co is also open during the day. So I brought asyraf there as he wanted to try the beverages (I told him about this place before). He ordered cold Thai Milk Tea and as for me, cold Vietnamese Coffee! So refreshing especially on a hot day!

We parked the car at Kota Raya and we walked..
Luckily the weather is just nice.. =)

So refreshing!

Later, we walked to City Square! The last time I went there was a year ago when I first came to Johor to report for duty. At that time I was with Fikri and the mall was under renovations. Now, the mall is much better and more appealing..with more shops of course!

Auntie Anne's Chocolate pretzel.. yummy!

On the way back home, we stopped by at Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar for prayers. I am always at awe every time I come here because there's something about the design that makes it distinct and unique. Plus, the view is breathtaking as it is built to face the sea. Beautiful!

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