Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jalan jalan Sunday!

Memang best bila ada kawan yang sekepala.. Sebab apa2 pun boleh jadi.. And it is always fun! On Sunday..on the way back to Johor after a weekend in Selangor.. I picked Intan up at Rembau where she stayed there with Hanis.. And when we reached was still early.. We did not feel like going back to our respective houses yet.. So apa lagi.. JPO!! 

Alhamdulillah.. After joining this business for a few months now..we get to save.. Tak lah sesesak dulu.. Syukur sangat-sangat.. After all business ni pun senang..low stress, low capital but high profit! So kalau anyone out there yang ingin generate side income.. Contact me! I can share how I did it through this online business.

You can contact me at +601686130 or

Tema: denim

Warna lebih kurang sama..hehe

Stopped for lunch..simple yet SEDAAP!!!

This one dah jadi kemestian..Asian Dolce latte! Nyum! =)

We are at JPO!!! See you later! 

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