Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Labour day retreat!

I am so glad that I could start the month of May with a holiday! Yeay!! I feel that it's the best way to start the month.

Being a person who cannot just sleep and stay at home and wait for the day to end..(so boring!!) So on 1st may, we decided to go to Singapore..the three of us: Fikri, Anis and I. We met at JB Central at about 9am (I believe many were still sleeping at that time) and off we went to Singapore!

1st stop: Sentosa Island. We went to Palawan Beach. Took a stroll, enjoying the scenery and of course took loads of photos! Mind you when we reached there, there were already a lot of people. I guess people woke up earlier than us :-P

Then we headed to Arab Street for LUNCH!!! Where at? Our all-time favourite..ZAM ZAM. We were starving so we picked nasi beriyani..chicken and lamb! After eating, went to the mosque for solat and later we took a stroll along Arab Street, walked pass all the beautiful and vintage shops.. Owh what a feeling! :-)

Next we went to Marina Bay Sands. Tempat wajib yg mesti pergi everytime we go there. Why?? It's just such a jice place to hang out for window ahopping and for coffee. Love the ambiance!

After that, we continued our journey to Orchard Road. Our last stop for the day. Ni pun tempat wajib pergi. This place is always packed but not congested. The people who come to this place all contribute to the mood and the overall atmosphere of this fashion district. 

At about 6 pm..we headed back to JB. We did not wait till night because all of us will be working the next day, especially fikri who had to go back to Kluang. Overall, it was really fun! A great start to the month of May!

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