Thursday, 16 May 2013

My Teacher's Day Celebration

Today marks the second time I celebrate Teacher's Day. For me, Teacher's Day is the day I get to show appreciation to myself and my fellow colleagues. It is the day that we get to enjoy and have fun, leaving aside work for just a little while. Good to see all the teachers dressing up..with smiles on their faces. Everyone was joyful! Here are some photos taken during the celebration at my school. Hope you'll enjoy it! 

Nak menang..lari lintang pukang!

The sukaneka was held on Wednesday. This game is called 'Kepat kepit'. Each group kena kepit the balloons and lari sampai finishing line..hehe.

Perarakan masuk guru-guru yang berwarna orange..hahaha 

The top 3 candidates for Miss now!

 Before's a must untuk posing dulu.. =)

My band mates! Cewaaaahh.. they're the kids who are kind enough to play the guitar for my performance since last year.. =)

My peformance..a medley of three songs..

As the celebration ended i went to JPO! (Sempat lagi tu!!). Relaxing and enjoying the day with coffee..

As a whole, I enjoyed my day very much. It was a simple celebration but very fulfilling. Happy Teachers Day!!!

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