Thursday, 13 June 2013

Family holiday

I would do anything to have all the time in the world to be with my family. As it is quite hard to have that now (In shaa Allah in the near future) lah masanya untuk bersama keluarga. This time, decided to bawa my parents and adik jalan-jalan in JB and Singapore. 

I know mesti ramai cakap 'Singapore lagi?'..for me maybe yelah..tapi this time lain..sebab bawa my parents! And as I already know the selok-belok of JB city and Singapore (bolehlah..sikit-sikit) so why not? 

To tell you all about it..I'll let the photos speak because bak kata Yuna 'there's a song in every picture'.. hehe. Enjoy! =)

On the way to KLIA..

Safely arrived at Senai Airport

That night after dinner, we went for a walk at Bazaar JB or famously known as Pasar Karat

Berehat seketika at Roost Cafe..enjoying the yogurt and the beautiful deco

Some of the cafes along the bazaar.. A very nice place to visit and hang out..

The next day, we went to Singapore. First destination, Orchard Rd.

Got my Laduree.. =)

Next stop, Arab Street for lunch!

At Merlion Park.. curi-curi tangkap.. so cute..hehe

Last stop, Marina Bay Sands..

Tea at Coffee Bean Bistro.. Our pick: Buttermilk Waffle with cream, honey and strawberry

Shop shop! Got mama a present for Mother's Day =)

We are happy!!!

Alhamdulillah..a memorable and enjoyable holiday. Dengan side income from the business, now boleh tarik nafas lega sikit..boleh tolong top up mana-mana yang perlu. Alhamdulillah... =)

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