Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Korean dream..

One of the things that I like to do is jalan-jalan! I love going to places and see different things, different people, different cultures.. Therefore, travelling has always been something that I wish I could do at any time.. However, yelah.. dengan wujudnya kekangan-kekangan tertentu.. sekali setahun pun tidak tentu lagi dapat travel.. Even in Malaysia itself. 

However, I feel like it is a dream come true because with GLAM, I got the opportunity to go on a 5-star FOC trip and my first trip is to KOREA!! It feels so unbelievable! All these while, tengok korean dramas and berangan.. Now, it has become a reality! Yeay!! The best part is it is free!!!! FREE!! Rasanya kalau kerja bertahun-tahun pun no one is going to give me a free trip overseas with a 5-start treatment.

The most recent drama that I watched.. =P
Now I'm going there for real!!

Korea here I come!! 

This is the perk of being in GLAM. Guidance and training are supported. You will have dedicated mentors who will guide you so that you will succeed. I have experienced it and this is the proof. Alhamdulillah.. what more can I say.. I am just forever grateful for being in such a lovely group and company!

Alhamdulillah.. I am blessed to be in a group with these amazing people.. my mentors.. my inspiration.. 

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