Thursday, 22 August 2013

Free flow coffee!! The best!

Love coffee? Can't get enough of coffee?? Well, you're just like me! And because of that, I was so happy when my cousins brought me to this cafe at Publika that offers free flow coffee every Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 10pm. How cool is that? At first I was like 'what?? Are you serious??' but hey, it's TRUE!! 

This cafe is called 'coffeesociete' situated at block D4 at Publika. Very cosy and the ambiance is really relaxing. A really good place to chat and to catch up with friends and family while enjoying all the coffee you need! Here are some photos of me, my sister Farah and my cousins on our day-out there. 

Makan dulu at Mee Jawa..

While waiting for 6 o'clock.. snap a few photos and grocery shopping Ben's!

Finally..we're here! So happy to get coffee! we were coffee wasted!

It was really fun! Beautiful place..great coffee and amazing people! =)

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