Monday, 5 August 2013

Iftar and shopping raya!

Last weekend was a great one! After a looooong week of work (including Saturday)..I got to meet my good friend Fikri Fayi and spent the remaining one-and-a-half-day weekend cooking, having iftar together, visiting the bazaar and not forgetiing, SINGAPORE! It was fun! Though it is Ramadhan, it's not an excuse for us. Enjoy the photos!

Grocery shopping..masak2 time! 

What are we making? Chili sauce for our nasi ayam..


Making dessert.. =)

And this is our desert: pavlova!

The final product..topped with cream and dragon fruit.. buah lain terlupa nak beli..hehe

On Sunday...
When people were all heading towards Jalan TAR and PKNS for raya shopping..we decided to do it in Singapore..hehe 

Mr Fikri and his love for photography..

Shopping at TWG..

Yeay! Got something for my sister's birthday =)

So many choices.. we were spoilt!

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