Monday, 30 September 2013

Korea Day 3

Our #glamjourney continues! Day 3 was a hectic one I would say. So many places to go yet so little time. Nevertheless, it was fun. How could it not be, right? I's a free trip and it's KOREA!!

3rd day was yellow day. As usual, breakfast is a must and it was all provided. So as other meals. So tak oayah nak fikir makan kat mana..berapa harga.. Sbb as I said, this was a fully-sponsored trip. Lucky right? Well you can enjoy it too!

At the hotel entrance before breakfast

My mentor DDM Ajue Rashid, Mr Shahrilnizam and CDM Razali Zain

We are a happy lot! Weehuuuu!!

The monent that everyone had been waiting for-Lotte Duty Free. A lot of international brands and this means shopping!! AGAIN! lol. 

 At the entrance of Lotte Duty Free. We could not take photos inside the shopping mall so tangkap gambar puas-puas kat luar dulu.

Cak! Comel tak Kak Ton? Hehe

Just could not believe my eyes that these were 2pm's .. Hehe

After shopping at Lotte World, we headed to Han River. It is beautiful though the weather was a bit warm. Tgere were many people having picnics with their family. As for us, we went straight for lunch! Where? On a cruise! Rasa mcm gossip girl series pulak.. Lunch like an upper east sider..haha. The good was just amazing and the service was superb! 

Spoilt for choice!

At Han River.. A taste of korean culture..

Next stop: Namsangol Hanok Village. There, we got the chance to look at the traditional korean house and learn other interesting cultural stuffs. 

There were so many people. But that did not stop us from taking photos! 

Then we went to Myeongdong. It is actually very near to Lotte World Duty Free. This place is just so awesome! Sangat sangat happening. Many local korean boutiques and banyak kedai skin care. Memang mabuk tengok. A must-visit place when you visit Korea.

Dah penat jalan..stopped by for coffee at Krispy Kreme. Heart-to-heart session with CDM Hanis Haizi. Best!!! Leader yang sangat prihatin and tak kedekut untuk share experience

We had so much fun! It is an experience that I will never forget. And I am sure that we'll have more fun in Gold Coast!

The next free trip would be Gold Coast!
Join in the fun and adventure with us!
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  1. memang best kan masa mummy buat session heart-to-heart ngan kita.. winter sonata pun hado..mcm-mcm dapat bila dpt peluang rapatkan diri ngan mentor dan leader..betul tak?

  2. Bersyukur sangat dapat spent masa dengan mummy masa nie.
    Banyak ilmu yang dapat dikongsi secara personal dengan dia kan