Sunday, 22 September 2013

Korea Day 1

It started as a dream.. Every time tgk drama Korea..mesti rasa teringin nak pergi sana..nak jalan-jalan macam dalam drama..nak duduk at any of the coffee shop looking out through the window while drinking iced Americano..nak take a walk at the park during autumn.. How wonderful it would be! 

Guess what??! Alhamdulillah.. The dream has turned into a reality..and until now, I still cannot believe that I have set foot in Korea together with other Glampreneurs for free! Yes for FREE! I am so grateful to be in GLAM because in GLAM, I received all the support and guidance I need to succeed in the business and qualifying to Korea for my first trip is the proof! Overall, Korea was great and I had so much fun! For that, let me share my joy through these photos! Hope you'll enjoy them and hope that they will motivate you in that nothing is impossible!

Gelombang Hijau at KLIA. Our very own 
t-shirt for korea trip

Happy and excited to take off to Korea!

Yeay! We have landed at Incheon International Airport! =)

While waiting for our tour bus.. Haikal sempat practice gangnam style! 

Arrived at Itaewon for our brunch! Everyone was starving!

After our Brunch..we headed to Doota Shopping Mall. Bermulalah episod shopping kami! =)

Cool aye? The specs are all awesome! The designs are so cool!

Spoilt for choice! Many beautiful pieces at reasonable price!

Siap ada assistant lagi! Good service!

After shopping, we spent some time at the cafe enjoying coffee and the fresh air..

Conquering the streets of Korea! We are GLAMpreneurs!
From left: Ecakcadre, Rose Maamor, Farouk Harun and Haikal Rawlins

In front of Doota Shopping Mall

That night, we had a gala dinner. GLAM definitely stood out from the rest wearing traditional clothing to the colour theme of red and black. 

Mr Awesome Photographer and glampreneur, with Miss Ecak

With beautiful Korean ladies wearing the traditional Hanbok

Performance by a local Korean band. It was very entertaining!

Our leaders CDM Razali Zain and CDM Hanis Haizi looking amazing!

The food was delicious..especially the kimchi!

The first day in Korea was awesome! It was like living a dream.'s free! I had a lot of fun with all the GLAMpreneurs. So what happened next? To be continued in 'Day 2'. Stay tuned!

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