Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Korea Day 2

It's Day 2! Weeeehoooo! Bangun pagi masih tak percaya in Korea! The weather was just nice.. lebih kurang macam Malaysia but a bit cool in the morning and late evening. Day 2 started off early because we had several places to go and one of them is the Paju Factory Outlet! well you know what that means right? SHOPPING!! Enjoy the photos!!

Early in the morning..waiting for our bus.. First stop: Itaewon for breakfast!

Along the streets of Itaewon..small korean restaurants..just like in the dramas.. love it! 

After breakfast, we headed to Paju Factory Outlet! It was so big and a lot of international brand boutiques as well as local ones. 

Beautiful Galaxy Team has its own boutique! Hehehe
From left: Abg Shahrilnizam, DDM Ajue Rashid, me and Haikal Rawlins

All excited and confused for there were sooo many choices! All beautiful!

Because the place is kena set strategy mana nak pergi so that boleh cover as many boutiques as possible within the limited time.. Seronok sangat sebab this time dapat ikut CDM Hanis Haizi shopping! 

Extra luggage to fill in all the stuffs.. wicked!

Beautiful landscape

The fun, retarded We love this business!

Miss Ecak and Rose Maamor

Spotted GLAM Singapore with Tory Burch..hehe. 
*Gossip Girl mode

Dah penat berjalan.. rehat sebentar di Starbucks.. regenerating energy!

 Next stop: Amethyst Factory

The place that we've all been waiting to go: Lotte World! However, sadly, the time was limited so tak dapat naik banyak rides.. Plus dah petang so there were too many people and the queue was crazy! Nevertheless, it was fun and we took lots of photos!

Makan Time!! The food semua sedaaap! Well, trip company memang dah dijanjikan 5 lucky!

That night, after we went back to our hotel, siap-siap..tukar outfit..keluar balik! Every moment must be filled with activities. Kalau tidak rugi! Especially the next day Korea will be celebrating their most shopping malls will be closed. So off we go to Dongdaemun..

At Lotte Fitin

At the night market along the streets..

Borong scarves. This mall is a must-visit place. Banyak barang yang best and at reasonable prices! And we were lucky because that night, the mall closes at 4 am! Coolio! 

Our catch for the night! All satisfied!! =)

Stay tuned for updates on Day 3!

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