Friday, 6 September 2013

lessons to be learnt

Sometimes feel that in’s all about me..i mean my life is my life..your life is your life.. we are all different so mind our own businesses. Well, though there are some truth in it.. i came to realize this is not exactly how things should be. While I was reading ‘A Doctor in the House’ , a sentence caught my eyes: “There are always lessons to be learnt, if only we have the wisdom to see them.”

There are many ways to interpret this. From my point of view and relating it to what I wrote above, in life, there are many things that we can learn from one another. For instance, a friend of ours got into trouble because of his own mistakes.. well, it’s easy to just ignore but wouldn’t it be good if we learn from it so that we may not do the same thing? I am not proposing that we become nosy.. it’s just that by looking at others and the things that happen around us..there are actually many things that we can learn..

I remembered once.. It was in the afternoon when the house bell rang.. and there. in front of the house gate stood three children (if i’m not mistaken)..who are siblings..selling traditional cookies (kuih). I mean at that age..when they were supposed to have fun like other kids..they were already involved directly in ensuring that their family has something to eat..i mean it is a big responsibility.. while I, on the other hand, often complains about not being able to buy clothes (which sometimes is unnecessary), about the hot weather even when I am in the house with the air conditioner on and many other things.. what about those kids? Reflecting on this, I think those kids are the ones who deserve to complain and yet, they did not.. So..this made me realize that when we really open our eyes like what Maher Zain said in one of his songs (though it’s not easy)..we can discover a lot..

My father often tells me that when we observe..( not to condemn..although we do this often)..try to reflect on our own selves.. and we will get something..for example, if we saw someone littering.. of course it’s hard not to feel irritated.. but most importantly, we need to ask ourselves..have we ever done that? If we just say how bad something is and we actually do the same thing..then what’s there to benefit from? We won’t learn anything right? That’s why we often say things happen for a reason..and one of the reasons is for us to learn.. and there are many things that we can learn from life.. if only we have the wisdom to see them...

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