Sunday, 1 September 2013

My favourite day: Friday!

How time flies. The week passed so quickly without us realizing and now, it's friday again! The day that i always look forward to because I can go back home! Yeay!!

So as usual, right after school, I will drive straight to senai and perform my Friday prayer there. Tapi this time it was raining so memang basah satu badan and it was freezing cold!!!

After that, since there was plenty of time before my flight, I decides to go to JPO! Lama tak pergi. And it was just 10 minutes away from the airport! Awesome!

Tea time! I mean coffee time!

While on the plane, came across this photo in the Malay Mail: Kedai Makanan Capital. You have to eat here. Highly recommended. This is one of my family's favourite eating spots. The Nasi Padang is to die for! Next time, when you go to Jalan TAR, do stop by.

Arrived at KLIA at about 5:40 pm. Supposed to reach at 5:15 but there was a delay. Who picked me up at the airport? My dad! Thanks so much ayah!

Then straight to GLAM class at TTDI. It was so good to meet my mentor and my business partners. It was really motivating because everyone is eager to learn and to gain knowledge so that we can go higher in the business. Congrats to all for making it!

With Haikal..when the clock strikes 12! Selamat Hari Merdeka! =)

The Beautiful Galaxy Team with CDM Razali Zain

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