Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Kore Day 4

Hello October! Time flies so fast. Without realizing, we will bid farewell to 2013. Anyways, lets continue the adventure in Korea! Day 4 is the last day in Korea. To be honest, I was quite sad because it was an 'awsomazing' experience. It's not just about getting to visit places; it's more about the company - the people you travel with. I met and made new friends. I became closer to my mentor and I got to know more about my dedicated leader. Well I guess it's true that in a journey, what matters most is the people you travel with and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the GLAM family. Enough said. Lets continue our journey.

So the night before, we had a small pyjama party at my room. Actually it's more like a 'maggie' party. When we arrived at our hotel after shopping and shopping and shopping, everyone was pretty hungry. So we decided to have a mini supper gathering (sponsored by maggie) and it was really really fun! Everyone put on the hotel robe (it was striped) and we all looked like outlaws in a prison. LOL. 

Then in the morning, we put on our pink-themed attire to rock our last day in Seoul. It was really beautifully - different shades of pink in one group. It was really colourful and it set out a vibrant and happy mood. First stop - breakfast!

The happy couple yang sempoi and fun! =)

Then off we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is massive and the architecture is beautiful. Throughout our tour around the palace, I could not stop imagining how life was during that time. You know.. people wearing the traditional Korean attire walking around, the King and Queen, the palace's army, the scandals and the politics..ok dah masuk drama pulak. LOL. 

The rockstar..Mr Hafiz Atan.. Kami orang KLANG! 

CDM Razali Zain who got swag.. watsup yaw! =P

Our C1 Group. Altogether, to Korea, GLAM bawak 5 buses.

This is one of the unforgettable moments in Korea. We were taking a group photo. Then we started singing just fo fun - rasa sayang and jet-jet semut. Terus jadi famous! LOL. Other tourists took photos with us and some even asked us to keep on singing so that they could record. =)

After the palace, we went for lunch. This time, it's the real, authentic korean food. YEAY! Finally! Dapat juga makan before heading back to Malaysia.

Now it's time to go back. Sedih. It was really fun and it was a dream come true. It never occurred in my mind that I would be traveling to Korea for free! Now, I learn that anything is possible if you put your mind to it..and with GLAM, from the knowledge and guidance that they provide, success is easier to achieve. Alhamdulillah.. 

Our next free trip would be Gold Coast!
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  1. oh i miss the megi party and everthing we had there.. my wish i could join u and the rest of hayamz to gold coast!!!