Thursday, 3 October 2013

Of PMR and Tanjung Datuk

I guess you have read about my adventure in Korea? Cool right? It's free ok?! Hahaha. Next would be Gold Coast! Yaaahoooo!

Anyways, this week, I will be stationed at SMK Tanjung Datuk. I guess not mny of you know where this is. Well, it is in the area of Pengerang, in Kota Tinggi Johor. This place is actually very near to Singapore. You can board a ferry and next thing you know you're in another country!

The exam hall

I'll be here to invigilate PMR 2013. This is my first time invigilating and I kinda like it. Plus the place, though quite remote, the fact that you can enjoy the view of sea while driving, is really fun. Very calming. Yesterday was my first day invigilating.. And for lunch..I chose to eat by the sea. It's cheap and the food was delicious!

Sambal kacang panjang and tempe, telur masak kicap and a bit of asam pedas gravy

Very soothing. The weather yesterday was just nice. 

Today, I went to Tanjung Bin for lunch. Makan ayam penyet! Not bad.. Sedap jugak.. The chicken sangat sangat lembut.. Like it so much! 

So next time anyone yg nak datang Johor, bolehlah pergi Sungai Rengit and Tanjung Datuk. It's not a big town.. Just a pekan.. Tapi you can enjoy the scenery.

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