Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ayah's Birthday

Alhamdulillah.. Another year.. Another opportunity to celebrate Ayah's Birthday. Ayah you are the best! No one can ever replace you. Love you lots and lots and lots!! Happy Birthday!

This year, we decided to take a short vacation for ayah's birthday. Well, though the vacation is just in KL, it's good to spend the night at a hotel.

I just can't believe that they provide Peter Thomas' range to guests! Cool!

We had dinner at a restaurant opposite of Hilton PJ- Sri Thai. This restaurant holds a lot of memories. This was where my father used to bring my mom on their dates. And that night, we were there with the whole family. It was just so good to meet the satff who is still working there; who have known us since we were kids. 

The food..DELICIOUS! 

Tofu with crab meat

Deep fried senangin with cili padi

Pandan chicken

And of course the must-order tom yam prawn

Love the the company and love the short vacation. It always..a simple yet meaningful celebration!

Love you both! 

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