Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Our malacca weekend getaway!

I had a marvellous weekend last week!
It has been quite some time since we last went to malacca (one of our favourite places to visit) so we decided to go this time.
A lot has changed I should say and Malacca city is becoming more and more interesting year by year.

I would say that it has become a hot spot for local cafes and a focal point for the booming of restaurants that serve various cuisine..mostly a fusion of east and west.

We usually stay at Equatorial Hotel. 
However, this time, we wanted to experience something new so we booked a room at Casa del Rio
It was the best decision! The room is sooo beautiful. It takes you away from Malaysia to Spain!! 

Seriously, do stay here when you visit Malacca. The deco, the ambiance, the friendly and helpful staff.. Definitely 5 star!

The staff served homemade lemon sorbet and cold towels to freshen up. In fact the receptionist was the one who came to us for check in.

The toilet at the lobby even has moth wash..hehe

The mini hallway in our room

The view from our balcony

Complimentary ondeh-ondeh :-)

The gym is so user-friendly. Plus they provide free apples! 

The library

This is the best part: free unlimited coffee and tea in the library. I can sit here for hours!

That night, we had dinner at Umbai.
This is a place that we will definitely go. 
Ikan bakar die best! So if you happened to come here, do eat at stall no 3!

The view at night

Breakfast time! Abaikan muka yang sembab itu..

Overall, it was a great getaway! We had so much fun!

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