Saturday, 28 December 2013

Rizman Ruzaini Fashion Show

Excited? I felt more than that! This was my first time attending a Fashion Show and I felt so lucky to have met and exchanged contacts with people in the fashion industry. It really was an amazing experience! 

All these while, I've been watching the coverage of NY Fashion week at E! and looking at photos of people attending fashion shows be it locally or internationally. Truthfully, attending a Fashion Show is one of the things in my wishlist and I am so happy and glad that I got this opportunity. 

I believe that I will not get this chance if I was not in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM). Alhamdulillah.. Thank you so much to CDM Hanis Haizi for this opportunity. One by one, my dreams are becoming a reality.

With my sister Farah Harun

The fashion crowd

Ziana Zain for Rizman Ruzaini (ZZ for RR) Collection

Petals Collection that will be available online at

With other glampreneurs Haikal Rawlins, Farah and Alia

One of my fashion inspirations.. Mr Andre Amir. It was such a pleasure to meet him in person

Ziana Zain

Miss Izara Aisyah..the face of Petals

With the designer himself..the talented Mr Ruzaini

With Khilafairy and Ryzal Jaafar

With the ever jovial and friendly Naquib Zahrin

With the Glampreneurs who attended the Fashion Show. CDM Shaliza Aziz is such a sport!

That's a wrap! Great people, great show, great night! 
2013 has indeed become more memorable.

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  1. Best kan time ini.. Harap tahun ni dapat
    Agi pergi event macam ini with geng glampreneurs. Dapat peluang sebegini alia sangat rasa terharu.. Huhu