Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Don't lose our smiles..

Life is indeed full of challenges
Sometimes we feel that why are we the only ones facing them?
Why do all these things fall upon us?

When we start asking these 'why' questions..we begin to feel that our lives are meaningless
We feel that we are the most unfortunate people in this universe
Pimples popped out..wrinkles fades..

BUT hey
Wake up and let us look around us
Look at the things that we do have..
Look at the things that we are blessed with..
Open our eyes
For there are many more people who are facing more trials than us
There are a lot more people whose lives are upside down to the point that getting up seems impossible
Yet they do not fret..

I guess it's true that at times we need to stop thinking of our sufferings
and start calculating our blessings..
It's not that we should not find ways to get out of the challenges
It's just that we need to take a break

Always remember that 
Allah will never burden us with things that we cannot bare..
This is His promise
Everything happens for a reason
Just don't lose hope..
and never underestimate our prayers..
Believe..and never stop trying..
and while doing so..
Don't lose our smiles.. 

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