Monday, 10 March 2014

Back to University

The plan to pursue my masters has been made long ago. I wanted to start doing it right after I completed my degree.. You know the 'dream' of having a masters degree at a very young age. 

However, due to certain circumstances, it had to be postponed. Not that I have regrets or that I wish things would turn our differently; the things that have happened for the past two years since I got posted have taught me so many things. One of them is I learned that we could only plan but in the end, Allah decides everything and truly, He is the best planner.

Alhamdulillah, after going through the interview and a test, I was chosen and now I am a masters student in UITM! It's just an amazing feeling. It brings back the memories as an undergrad! 

My classes have already started last weekend. They were good, especially literature class, probably because I love literature; poems, short stories, classic novels. Not to forget- th assignments. Quite a lot actually but hey, if a mother of three can do it, so can I! 

My coursemate who was also my coursemate when I did TESL in IPBA. 

It was a fun class. Everyone is like so 'happy' and crazy. LOL

Our 'senior' (in the middle). Also my coursemate when I did TESL in IPBA but she enrolled in this masters degree programme one semester earlier. Hello sunbae! Hehe

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