Saturday, 29 March 2014

From a kid's perspective

Having a degree in TESL specialising in secondary school education, I never thought that I would be teaching primary school kid. I have had the experience before, but none upon graduating. When offered the opportunity as an english tutor for a child, I felt excited yet worried. 

However, I said to myself that this kind of opportunity does not come always and it's good to challenge myself once in awhile. I believe that I will not waste anything; in fact I will gain a lot from this experience. 

So this home-tuition session started last year during the year-end school break. It was a bit awkward at the beginning, but once the ice is broken, I had so much fun. He is bright and full of imagination (I believe all kids have wild imagination), which is something I have lost as I enter the phase of adulthood. Well, he taught me to have imaginations and it actually makes my life more interesting!

In terms of teaching, I came to realise that teaching is not merely about the amount of input you give and received by a student. It is more than that; it is about how meaningful the inputs are and how you are able to make every session worthwhile and relevant - something that I often forget. 

The story that he created using the words learned

Captain America and Iron Man

Utilizing the resources to make learning fun!

In the aspect of self, I learn a lot. We all know how honest kids could be. It's fun to hear their opinion and see things from their perspectives. From the conversations, I realised my own potential, I learn to reflect more from the feedback that he gave me , which in turn taught me about life itself. One of them is, life is short so don't be too serious!  

In all, I am grateful for this opportunity! May you grow up beautifully with lots of love and joy. 

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