Tuesday, 11 March 2014

It could be the last time

Our country was awaken by the missing of the MH370 flight to Beijing. Up till today, everyone is still anxious and wondering what really happened. Many speculations have been made, including some conspiracy theories made by i-don't-know-who. Not forgetting those insensitive comments made by those whom I feel are irresponsible

I am writing this post not to comment further
because I am no expert in this kind of thing..I would just like to share my experience and feeling each time I board the plane to and fro Subang and Johor Bahru

Honestly, I always feel scared and worried. The common question that pops up in my mind would be:

"Will I make it to the next flight next week?"

Well, now that this incident with MH370 happened, I now understood why my mom is always worried and why there is this one look in her eyes every time I board the plane back to Johor; It's the love and the worries of a mother.. The uncertainty if there will be another time to meet..

I've never actually said this. But to be honest, each time feels like the last time. It's like I'll never know what's gonna happen. Everytime people say to me: 'What's so bad about working far away from family?' I just keep quiet because I believe no matter what I say people will never understand

I guess that's part of the challenge.. And I will brave through it. With regards to MH370, we should continue praying and hoping that we will find the answers soon.. Answers that could at least bring closure to families and friends.

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