Monday, 24 March 2014

Masterchef challenge

The last time I really cook was like one or two years ago. I did not know what made me decide, but when my school organized a cooking competition among teachers I straight away gave my name to participate.

The best part was, the theme was western cuisine, something that I've never done before. I remembered cooking masak lemak cili padi and sambal ayam but not steak or chicken chop!

Nevertheless, this made it more intriguing and exciting. After much thinking, I decided to use salmon as the main ingredient (something that I have never used in my cooking before) and with the help of my sister, Farah, who is a big fan of Asia Food Channel, I decided to make:

Pan-grilled salmon with sauted asparagus, mashed potato and creamy sauce.

Sounds good right? Well, I think it turned out good too! Just like I wanted it! Hope I'll get a place when they announce the result when the school reopens!

Grocery shopping! Mind you, it was last minute shopping because I forgot the date of the competition

Among the contestants

Voila! My masterpiece! Could not believe that I did it. 

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