Monday, 31 March 2014

Postgrad- I can do it!

It's been nearly a month now I guess. Honestly, it is not as easy as I thought is would be. You know, when I got my class schedule (only Friday and Saturday), i said to myself, 

''s easy. I'm gonna be fine' 

But mind you I totally forgot about assignments and all the readings that need to be done. The best part is, I have to cramp all these in between my working hours and other stuffs such as tuition and my role as a warden. Ha! Take that!

Nevertheless, I don't think it's a challenge that I cannot handle. I mean everything that is given to us is surely something that is not out of our capabilities - that's Allah's promise. The main problem, I think, is time management.

Well I guess I need to start being strict to myself like I did when I was doing my degree. Trust me, you wouldn't want to imagine how 'skema' I am (LOL). However, I am glad I was like that because that has brought me to where I am today and the things that I have achieved. I think it's true as they say; when you do something, do it with your heart! Fighting!

One more thing! I have less worries now because whenever I feel tired or less energetic, i can always freshen up with Mineral Coffee!