Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Literature in PBS

I rarely write something on education particularly English language education. This time, I felt like I was summoned to do so, just to share something that I am working on in relation to my masters. It took me quite some time think and rethink, to reevaluate and reanalyse my research problem and the area that I want to look into. At first, i thought of focusing merely on the teaching of literature, on whether cooperative teaching strategies will enhance students learning in the classroom. However, after much thinking, i feel that this research area or concern is a bit too 'normal' and could be boring. So i decided to change.

This was when I started to look into issues of education that are quite recent; after much thinking and reading, I decided that doing something on PBS would be enriching. Therefore, without diverging from the arch of literature, i tried to relate my then research area to the issue of PBS. 

PBS was introduced to improve the education system. It is believed that teaching and learning should be meaningful, and that it provides the opportunity for everyone to climb up the ladder. However, I am concerned
over the fact that literature is not included in the PT3 assessment that is replacing PMR. I am concerned that the teaching of the literature component will not be taken seriously, and it may even be left out. 
Another concern of mine is teachers' adoption of the traditional teacher-centered approach, which denies exploration and active meaning making when discussing a literary text.

A few questions come to my mind: 
1) can literature lesson still be made fun in the current PBS framework?
2) will cooperative learning strategy provides the environment where active learning of literature be fostered?
3) can cooperative learning increase students' participation in literature lessons?

I really hope that this research may shed some lights on what can be done to increase students' motivation and participation in learning literature. Though the subject of my research may be confined to one school, at least, I believe it will provide an insight on how literature lessons can be improved through the use of cooperative learning strategies.