Monday, 14 July 2014

2nd day in Gold Coast - SEA WORLD

1st day was a boas and the second day got even better. Not enough sleep was not a problem. We woke up in the morning feeling so excited (the excitement is just undescribable) and everyone was set to go! Our destination for the day was Sea World. That was my first time because previously, I only got the chance to go to Movie World and Wet n Wild. Enjoy the photos! 

Woke up to this beautiful scenery..lovely!

Food!! All provided!

With my mentor (middle) DDM Ajue Rashid in front of Sea World

At the sea lion show

Hanis Haizi Proteges #GLAM

The dolphin show was spectacular!

The time that everyone looked forward to..MAKAN!

Do you dare? I don't! Hehe

With all glampreneurs who qualified for the trip. Ramai kan?
Well, that's GLAM! 

Our small family..tapi havoc! hahaha

After dinner, we continued our exploration..

...which led us to this 7D cinema..LOL. It was awesome!

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