Wednesday, 16 July 2014

3rd day in Gold Coast - MOVIE WORLD

Our third day in Gold Coast just got better. We went to Movie World and the best part was, we got to enter first before anyone else. We got the opportunity to meet the cartoon characters up close, which I did not get to do when I went there 5 years ago. LOL. Overall, it was simply enjoyable. We did not have to think of food because everything was provided (for FREE!!) so we only had to plan how to have fun! cool right?

Before we started the day, we went to the beach to enjoy the scenery. It was beautiful and of course, ambil gambar bayak-banyak is a MUST!

Lets continue with our Movie World story...

Part time job..hehe

Tried my best to look like him..but I don't think I nailed it. LOL

Fresh from the oven. 

You gotta do what you gotta do to earn a living.. hahahaha

The outback girls..hahaha

Lunch time! Makan lagi!

My mentor bought me a gift! Thank youuuuuu

The parade..

When we got back that evening, we did not waste any time and went out for souvenir hunting

One of my favourite places: Woolies! 

Finally, I got my kebab!

Couldn't get enough of the view..

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