Saturday, 19 July 2014

4th Day in Gold Coast

This was our final day in Gold Coast. We hoped we could prolong our stay but hey, good things always come to an end. Whatever it is, I am so grateful for this opportunity. Never have I thought of going on a fully-sponsored trip at any point in my life. However, with GLAM and Hai-O, it became a reality. It all started with a single step - a step to improve my life. Trust me, anyone can succeed and achieve this, if he/she really ants it. It's all in our minds and how we manifest the thoughts into actions. To cut rings short, I had great fun in Gold Coast! Definitely a vacation to remember!

The view from our room is breathtaking. the clear blue sea and the clear blue sky..the ultimate vacation! 

In front of our hotel

The sun did not bother me anymore..haha. 

At Harbour Town! SHOPPINGGG!!

The view of Brisbane City..

Before heading to the airport, we had dinner at this Indonesian Restaurant

This was when the headache began..hahaha

 Bye! Till we meet again!

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