Sunday, 20 July 2014

Diamond Night 2014

Alhamdulillah..I am eternally grateful for the achievement that Allah has granted me with. Definitely, this would not have happened without His will. 

Last month, Diamond Night 2014 was held at Mines Convention Centre to recognise entrepreneurs who have reached the level of Diamond Sales Manager and Double Diamond Manager as well as those who were awarded with car fund. It's like a dream come true. I've never taught that I would be venturing into business but now, here I am. Last year, I attended the same ceremony, celebrating my fellow Glampreneurs and other Hai-O entrepreneurs for their achievements. This year, I am one of the celebrated. 

Thank you to my direct mentor DDM Ajue Rashid who never tire in guiding and supporting me. To GLAM, and the founders of GLAM, CDM Hanis Haizi and CDM Razali Zain for their endless encouragement, to my business partners, this will not be a reality without all of you. To the most important and special people in my life, my family and my parents; thank you so much for believing and for being there through ups and downs. Lots and lots of love to all these wonderful people.

The cool man..CDM Razali Zain

DDM Liyana. Even though she is pregnant, that does not stop her to be persistent in the business.
WHY? Because this business is simple and it's fun!

Waiting for my turn..

With my mates..

Thanks dear sister for your support!

Mr Izad..thanks for coming!

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