Friday, 18 July 2014

MH17 - It's time to show our support

This is definitely a time of trial for all of us. The MH370 incident has not yet been solved  and yesterday, at almost midnight, we, Malaysians and the whole world was shocked by the news of the crash of Malaysia's MH17.

I was about to sleep when I received the news from a few friends on WhatsApp. I was so tired because I just arrived home from Johor (took the 7 pm MAS flight). I was taken aback but I kinda said to myself that this might not be real because the validity of the reports and the coverage has not yet received any approval from the authority.

However, when I woke up this morning for sahur, it has been confirmed and Allah knows how the news broke my heart. I am pretty sure that everyone else felt the same way too. It was like one-after-another kinda tragedy and it is just so hard to be taken in. But yet, I do believe that Allah has His plans and He is the best planner.

The announcement and press conference by Dato' Sri Najib

However sad this tragedy is, it is even sad to see and read people's comments on Facebook and other social media websites, where the comments seem to be condemning rather than supporting. What I mean is that I thought we have learned from our experience during the MH370 tragedy but it actually seems very unlikely. 

Many of us started to find faults when the news of the crash broke, some blaming the pilots and the Malaysia Airlines, some critiquing the government, and some were merely being so insensitive by posting a selfie photo with a #prayforMH17 hashtag (like seriously people?)

This is the time for us to show our support to our country. Like what happened during the MH370 incident, I am sure that a lot of international media will be reporting a lot of things, each trying to sound like they are the experts. Many allegations will be made, including blaming Malaysia for everything that has happened. 

As the citizens of this country, we must show our support by not making rash conclusions and follow the bandwagon of condemning our Malaysia. Trust me, that would be the most shameful act that a citizen would want to do. Our government is doing their best to look into this matter to find answers and we just need to be patient and be rational. Well, I know it is easier said than done; but we can at least try. There's nothing to lose from being patient.

Just remember that our country is now in a very fragile position. All eyes are on us. There is a lot at stake. So, we should not make things worst. Lets support Malaysia and pray that we will stand strong no matter what. To the family members of the passengers and cabin crew of MH17, my heartfelt condolences to all of you. May Allah ease everything. 

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