Wednesday, 9 July 2014

1st day in Gold Coast - The Green Wave

WEEEEEEEEE! Finally, we reached gold coast! To be honest, I do have the aim to visit australia again after leaving this country 4 years ago. So when I got to go to australia for FREE, it was like a dream come true. I've been to surfer's paradise before but this time, with GLAM, it's more fun! My fellow GLAMpreneurs are awesome and trust me, they are good travel companions! We had so much fun! I'll leave you with the photos and let the photos do the talking! Enjoy!

At KLIA before departing

Arrived at Changi Airport, Singapore

The first destination when we reached Brisbane: Paradise Country Farm

Ada jugak yang terselit di tengah tu..hehe

Next stop: Jet boating!

The one on the left tak naik pun..posing je..hahaha

Checked in at our hotel. Nice right? Mind you it's FREE!!

Later, we walked around Surfer's Paradise.. and had dinner! All paid!

The first day itself was already so much fun! The best part of the trip or any other trips with Hai-O and GLAM is that it is free! we just need to bring money for personal shopping. Awesome right?

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