Monday, 18 August 2014

Weekend makeover

It was a saturday and I did not have any plans after the Form 5 extra class at school. So I decided to realise the plan that I have planned two years back. It's not something that just came up; I had the idea before but due to time constraint and many other factors (such as hoping that I will get my transfer soon..LOL), It remained an idea. 

Then it just came to me that if I wait any longer, it's not gonna happen. With that, I dragged myself to the paint shop and painted my room wall (one of them..the feature wall) and did some deco makeover! Finally, I can feel like I'm home (especially when I can't go back to my hometown..sob3). Here's the outcome:

Tadaa! Not bad ey? Feels cosier now.

I would like to thanks these awesome kids for helping me out. I owe you.

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  1. bilik kt asrama sir ke ni...??da mcm hotel da...