Thursday, 18 September 2014

A tribute for MAMA

Here's something about my mom. She is a SUPERWOMAN. There is no denying. She can do mostly everything: painting the house (without anyone's help), our school's art project (mind you, we always got A with her help..hehe) and countless more stuffs that I, myself, won't be able to do perfectly. 

My mom is a very simple person, very independent and extremely understanding. She has sacrificed a lot for us and no amount of worldly rewards can ever repay her deeds. She quit her job when my sister was 1 years old just so she can take care of us full time (I think if she is still working she would have earned quite a lot by now..but that does not really matter to her).

She waited for us at school (at the canteen, when the weather was hot..I feel so bad every time I think about it) when we cried and did not want to go to school (primary schools..hehe). She will be the first to wake up in the middle of the night - up till today - if she hears us scream for fear that something bad might happen (actually, we screamed because we were watching horror movies). 

There are so many things that my mom has done and sacrificed that if I continue writing, it will take me ages to list them. What I can say is that my mother is a strong woman.  Some people think that being a homemaker (aka housewife, not working, etc.) is easy; well let me tell you this - it's NOT. I've seen my mom and I know how it is. That is why sometimes I feel irritated when some people make that sceptical, pathetic and no-way look at the idea of people being housewives. 

Well, whatever it is, mama, you have cared and loved us unconditionally. I LOVE YOU. You deserve the Jannah and I pray that Allah will grant you this and He will. May you be blessed with abundance of happiness both in this world and in the hereafter. Happy Birthday!

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