Friday, 12 September 2014

My gratitude

What more can I say than Alhamdulillah. Cettainly, Allah's promises are true. The more we are grateful to what He has granted us, the more He will reward us. I am eternally grateful for the many blessings and rizq that I enjoy in this lfe, especially the two most important ni'mah - IMAN and ISLAM. 

I am also grateful for the ability to provide others with solutions and with what they need through this business. From health care to beauty, to household equipments. I am not trying to brag nor do I intend to say how well I am doing in this business; this is a reflection, something that I truly understand now - that is, when we work hard and not give up, we will reap the benefits.

To all my clients and my business partners, thank you for your trust and your support. I really do hope that we will be able to lead better lives, especially the ability to enjoy great health.

Restocking bioseleza feminine pads for my clients. It's good that people are making better choices for their health

Registered new business partner under my wing. Welcome!

Delivered these items to my clients. Received positive feedback from them. I'm a happy man!

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