Sunday, 15 March 2015

My love for mineral coffee

What I love most about mineral coffee? One answer: It is not sweet and yet it's not bitter! Hard to believe? Tell me about it.

I had the same thought when it was first launched. I mean, no sugar? But I tried it and instantly I felt in love with it. It's very light, it has a distinct taste that is soooooo pleasant to the taste pallet and it has this creamy after-taste. 

Some were asking, since this pre-mix coffee contains bamboo salt, is it salty? My answer: NOT AT ALL. I've done some research through readings that:
1. salt actually reduces the bitterness of coffee
2. salt reduces the amount of caffeine in coffee (those with migraine can also consume this coffee)
3. salt enhances the coffee flavour, without even making it salty.

The fact that it has bamboo salt (not any other salt) makes this mineral coffee even special because bamboo salt contains important minerals for the body and it also helps to detoxify. In simpler words, it increases mineral coffee's 'healthiness'.

Among other health benefits of mineral coffee are:
1. refreshes the body
2. help to control blood pressure
3. help to reduce the level of sugar in those suffering from diabetes
4. contains contains iron, magnesium, and calcium

So what are we waiting for?
Lets change for better health!

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