BIOZONE Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame.
How long do I need to purify the vegetables and meat?
Please refer to the operating instruction manual found inside the packaging box. Generally, all the food (Eg : fruits, vegetables, seafood) require 15 minutes. Only meat (Eg : chicken, lamb, beef) requires 30 minutes. This machine operates at maximum 45 minutes, which can be used for long bath or refrigerator.
Moreover, there is 3 minutes ON/OFF sanitising function for a liter of water. This sanitising function is used to remove bacteria on the surface of food in a quick manner without the use of water. Generally, if you have more water, you can multiply timing accordingly. The maximum volume of water is 10 litres or 30 minutes.


Effectively removes contaminants in the food and retain food nutrients.

Effectively preserve food freshness and remove foul odour.

Multi-functional purification on food : Meat / Fruits / Vegetables / Seafood / Herbs

Consistent ozone output and environmentally-friendly.

Convenient operation with 4-mode micro-processor timer control for different purification time frame (3 mins / 15 mins / 30 mins / 45 mins).

No need for regular ozone generator replacement.
Very low power consumption ~ 35W - so jimat elektrik!
100% medical grade silicone tube.

Highest A grade fine ceramic stone.
Ozone-resistant high grade ABS plastic.
Portable, convenient and user-friendly - so boleh bawak pegi maan2 pun..mudah kan?

1.Prepare a bowl of water.

2.Rinse the food and cut them into smaller pieces.

3.Put the food that requires purification into the bowl.

4.Ensure the water level is higher than the food. (The maximum water volume is 10 litres).

5.Put the medical grade silicone tube into the bowl with the ceramic stone immersed in the water.

6.Program the timer setting according to your needs.

Cara penggunaannya memang mudah. Tidak leceh. Yang paling penting biozone food purifier telah terbukti berkesan dalam memastikan makanan yang kita makan bebas dr toksin dan bahan-bahan yang berbahaya kepada kesihatan.

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